Now You Know Who is to Blame for the Issues in our Schools

by Rick McAtee on April 23, 2014

Now You Know Who is to Blame for the Issues in our Schools

Now You Know Who is to Blame for the Issues in our Schools

Rick McAtee

We hear from sources all around us about the constant problems with our education system.  We hear teachers are the problem, budgets are being cut, students are suffering from a lack of quality education, and scores on State tests are showing poor reading, writing and math skills.  What we need to do is put the blame right where it belongs.  The democrats are responsible for what has happened to our educational system. (This statement is based on the fact that we elect based on popular vote, except for president, and there are significantly more registered democrats.)

Oh, are you now ready to pick up your pen and respond?  Are your computer keys already burning the keyboard?  How sad that I was able to blame teachers, lack of quality education, low scores and only get from you a passive, yeah, isn’t it too bad.  Then I say democrats are to blame and, wow, there is life out there!

Well, put down your pens or stop typing and let us talk.  The truth is, when we hear “the democrats”, those two words are only referring to what I will call the loudmouths.  The loudmouths are the members of the party who are out there pushing their beliefs and agendas.

We know that 70 million registered democrats do not all believe the same thing, vote the same way, or even share interest in the political process.  Yet, we refer to them all as one solid group that all believe the same thing.  In addition, we believe it!  The democrats say, the democrats believe, the democrats control, and it goes on and on.  The truth is, we need to say the loudmouth democrats say, or the loudmouth democrats believe, and then what follows is a correct statement.

Now back to education.  When an election occurs at the local, State or national level, the loudmouths, of both parties, put forth candidates and one of them is elected.  The elected candidates go on to make laws and regulations for our educational system.  We now have more laws and regulations concerning our educational system than any other time in history.

We have many laws and regulations that are enacted to undo parts of previous laws and regulations.  We have more people involved in the creation, implementation, support, distribution, assessment, clarification, accountability, and administration of education than we do actually working with students.  We pay “higher” level people more than the ones working with students.   How did this happen?

Elected officials, even when they know little about how a child learns, have a green light to pass laws and regulations that promote the loudmouths’ agendas or political careers.

Who is at fault?  The answer is obvious.  Look in the mirror!  Is the face you see a loudmouth who speaks up and puts forth an agenda or someone who is complacent, just sighs, and complains about what is going on around them?  If you are the latter, you are the one to blame.  If this makes you uncomfortable, it should!  We do not abdicate our responsibility as parents and concerned citizens because we elect someone we hope will represent us.

The loudmouth is out there doing what they believe is right to get what they want.  That is how it should be.  Some of the tactics used to get what they want come into question for some, but I do not believe the majority.  They are presenting their case and educated people can then determine what to take from that and what to throw away.

If you truly believe that there is a problem in education, speak up and become a loudmouth or stop complaining because you have nothing to offer since you won’t use your “voice” to help correct a problem.

We have all used the statement, “I can’t read your mind.”  Well, the loudmouth democrats or loudmouth republicans cannot read your mind.  They can only operate with the information they have and voices of the people willing to speak up.


  1. Become a loudmouth so a discussion can take place to help our children.  A variety of options will produce the best possible solution.  Did you ever come up with a solution that sounded perfect until someone pointed out something you had not considered that would make your solution add to the problem?  Without that discussion, any laws and regulations based on the solution would be flawed and cause more problems.  Sound familiar?
  2. Admit when you vote or choose not to vote, you are the one who is directly responsible for educational rules and laws that will affect our students.  Supporting a candidate selected by the loudmouth democrats or loudmouth republicans should not be a given, not unless you choose to be complacent.
  3. The next time you hear someone say “the democrats” or “the republicans”, stop them and say you mean “the loudmouth democrats” or “the loudmouth republicans” because the majority of democrats and republicans are complacent and say nothing.  However, they certainly can complain.




Rick McAtee

Rick developed Cracking the Code and Writing Steps to Success, intervention programs for older students. He is the author of several children’s books.Rick’s work has been featured on an ABC special, “Reading: Your ABCs to Success”, the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy and numerous newspaper articles. Rick taught for sixteen years and has an M.S. in reading. He works as a reading consultant and staff developer throughout the United States and Canada focusing on implementing programs for at-risk students. He serves on the board of the Marana Foundation for Educational Excellence.

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  • Rick, your points, while provocative, are spot on! Too frequently, those who complain but do nothing to bring about more accountability, fail to appreciate they are only deepening their sense of powerlessness. I like the old adage, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” The complacent only embolden the loudmouths.

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